There’s whisky (and oak) in the jar

A 12oz ball jelly jar with a stick of oak honeycomb within, in front of a laptop with lots of stickers
So far, this is my favourite method of oaking a beer if it’s not going into one of the barrels. Deep within that amber liquid, there’s an oak honeycomb from Black Swan Cooperage.

The honeycombs are much cleaner to deal with than cubes or chips, and I can reuse them a couple times if I stick the comb back into the jar with whiskey to keep things largely sterile.

I said in the previous post that we’d be using Famous Grouse for the wee heavy. Well, Tessie saw a bottle of Jamesons Caskmates Stout Edition at the store, and decided to buy that instead of Grouse, so the oak is sitting in Lauder’s instead.

What? You wanted me to soak oak in Jameson that had been aged in a barrel that had aged stout before that and Jameson before that? I’m not Dr Seuss does New Holland over here.

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