Better late than never…

I said on January 1st that I would be brewing a very large Burton ale. I never got around to it that day, which happens around here. Tessie was brewing, there was cleaning to be done, plus there’s a toddler about.

Me and TheLittlestHomebrewer got to it today, though! This is TheLittlestHomebrewer helping stir the mashing grains. Note the lack of anything to stir with. I snapped this JUST after he dropped the spoon into the pot. He’d been doing pretty well before that, though.

A 2.5 year old in a striped sweater with a hand over a kettle of hot grains

There is no spoon…

I’ve not really the time to do all grain brewing all the time right now, so we did this as a partial mash. There’s 7lbs of Golden Promise in that mesh bag, to which we’ll add another 13lbs of pale malt extract.

This beer gets an entire pound of East Kent Golding hops (at 5.1% Alpha Acids), and I’ll be using the Mangrove Jack M79 Burton Union yeast, because I’ve got an entire pound of the stuff in dry form and it’s appropriate for the style. I quite like this yeast, but it’s sadly been discontinued by the manufacturer. Before I run out of this bag, I’ll need to grow some and put it in the private yeast bank, unless I can figure out if it really is the same as White Labs WLP023, Burton Ale yeast.

Here’s the recipe:

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