New barrel!

This is a barrel given to me by homebrewer-turned-Pro Matt Becker of Brewery Becker, Brighton Michigan. 

It’s long neglected, having its last batch of Flemish ale added to it before I started homebrewing. There’s about 3 gallons left in there now (The angels have been drinking heavily), but it’s unpalatable. 

However! There’s hardly any hint of acetobacter, the vinegar causing bacteria, so the barrel should be recoverable. It will need to continue to be a sour barrel, there’s no getting away from that. I think the first batch in withbe a flanders red. Tessie particularly likes that style. Whether we switch it up or use it as a solera is up for debate. 

First steps will be emptying, and spraying out with hot water.

I’ll be using the keg washing machine for that, so I’ll close this post out, and get started with one about that poiece of equipment before anything elae. 

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